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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Inquiries

How do I order from your website?
You may place an order via the fax, phone, email, or by simply filling out the Contact Us page. Please include the name and/or the style number of the fixture, the finish, the glass, quantities and any other information you need from us.

How do I order a custom fixture?
The design details can be emailed or sent to us in the mail, for a quotation. We will contact you and address all important points of the project to insure that we have interpreted your design correctly.

How do you determine the style of fixture that best enhances the architecture of a home or business?
Subtle details will always mirror those significant elements in a home or business that you would wish to carry out in your design theme. If you are in need of assistance in selecting a design that would be visually appealing for your project, you can always send us a copy of your plans or photo of your home, by attachment or in the mail we will be more than happy to advise you on the perfect fixture design for your application.

Do you offer a warranty on the fixtures you fabricate?
Each fixture we fabricate is warranted for one year, from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any defects including breakage or malfunctions due to the mishandling of the fixture or using the fixture in a way other than specified by Customlightstyles.

Is there an additional upcharge for fixtures that are UL Approved?
There is no additional charge for any of our fixtures to be UL Approved. All Customlightstyles fixtures adhere to the strict standards and specifications of Underwriters Laboratories, to insure your complete safety.

Who are your customers?
We work with homeowners, architects, designers, builders, lighting specifiers.

Who should do the installations of the fixtures?
All fixtures should be installed by a qualified electrician, with knowledge of lighting fixture installation.

Do you have a brochure you can send to your clients?

Yes, we do and we would be happy to mail a brochure to you, if you complete the contact page information, with your name and address.

Do you have a complete catalog you can send to your clients?
Our website is an extensive online catalog.